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Last Updated on August 12, 2021

There’s nothing worse than buying a bike only for someone to steal it. Just imagine seeing your $150+ investment vanish. It’s frustrating, honestly. I’ve been victim myself. 

Ever since a rogue made away with my first hybrid-bike from outside my favorite coffee joint five miles from my house, I learned to take bike security earnestly. 

Seriously speaking, you must never leave your bike unlocked, even if you’re stopping just for a short while. There are damn good bike thieves out there, everywhere.

And if I’m being honest, the last thing you want to witness is your expensive bike vanishing with someone you’ve never laid your eyes on.  

Top Rated Bike Locks Comparison & Rating Chart


Product Name





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U Lock


4" x 9" (10.2cm x 22.9cm)

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U Lock


111 x 202mm (4.37x7.96”) 

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U Lock



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Chain Lock

hardened steel


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Chain Lock


33.5" (85cm) chain length

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12.7mm Hardended Performance Steel

5" x 9"

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Solid Steel

Shackle height: 11.8 inches

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Chain Lock

Alloy steel, Hardened steel

3 to 6 feets

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special temper hardened steel

Shackle height: 11.8 inches

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Flexible steel

length 4 feet (1200 mm)

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Best Bicycle Locks Reviews - We Picked Best for the Money 

1. Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 Standard U Lock 

Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 is classic and iconic, inexpensive yet very strong and well built. This 2-in-1 locking system, which generally compromises of a U Lock and a 4-foot cable, can add a secure fit to your saddle and front wheels, lock rear wheels to the racks, and fasten the frame tight. As far as usage goes, this locking system is a handy tool for daily commuting or occasional bike rides.

The packaging includes a mounting bracket, a handy tool for attaching the lock on any part a bike’s frame. In addition to the “Foot Bend Design”, which makes the lock easy to manage, the 13 mm thick shackle means strength and difficulty to cut.

Kryptonite calls the KryptoLok a “Nearly Unbreakable” lock. But while that’s not often the case, it does stand against theft a great deal.

Soft on touch, lightweight in design, and optimized for maximum performance, KryptoLok promises a powerful locking mechanism for the price. It stands against cutters and hacksaws really well. A bike bugler with a drilling machine can’t cut it easily, especially because it locks on all sides of the U.

Despite its promising strength and difficulty in cutting, KryptoLok easily succumbs to the wheels of an angle grinder, taking roughly 40 seconds to cut loose.

The 4 feet cable, while generally strong and tough to cut, won’t stop a thief from stealing you bike. But it will give them a difficult time, lowering their chances to steal in the first place.


  • The cable is lightweight yet strong, and compact enough to fit in a backpack
  • Inexpensive, good for you if you’re on a budget 
  • Lightweight U-lock, tough on ordinary cutters and drilling machines


  • Not suitable for pro cyclist
  • Not good enough for locking multiple bikes on the go

2. ONGUARD Brute STD U-Lock

Brute STD U-Lock hasn’t always had a good reputation. And it wasn’t until ONGUARD completely overhauled the lock that cyclists found it both worthy and reliable. The recent model is a result of serious work.

It’s strong, durable, and weather resistant. The quality standard of the Brute STD-Lock doesn’t come close to Kryptonite and Abus yet, but it’s a good fit for the price nonetheless.

With a weight of just 2.5 pounds, Brute U-Lock is one of the most lightweight picks yet. The shackle is 1.6 cm, which means it’s not as easy to brute force. ONGUARD does ramp up the locking mechanism a bit with an intention to provide a quadruple locking. But whether or not this provides more security to a bike is, honestly, subject to debate.

Although the lock’s 5-key system is easy to use, none is easy to replicate. One of the 5 keys even has integrated LED lights powered by a replaceable battery to allow you to use the lock at night.

Locking and unlocking Brute U-Lock is easy and straightforward thanks to the snap lock quick release mechanism. Plus, the X4P Quattro locking mechanism provides maximum security by providing strong resistant against tough cutting tools, hence making it difficult for a thief to steal your bike – no matter what cutting tool they have.


  • It’s lightweight and cheap, a good option for a cyclist on a budget
  • Very strong and durable; it’s one of the toughest options in the current market
  • Easy to use


  • The brand’s after sales support is poor
  • They impose so many conditions for bike theft protection
  • The cylinder will jam if exposed to a lot of dust

3. Abus U Mini 40 Round Shackle U Lock

To say that this lock has a good reputation in the market would be an understatement. Simply put, Abus U Mini 40 is the best bike lock with all the bells and whistles you’d want in a U-lock.

Built to last, this lock will keep your bike safe in its position for months to come, even with aggressive daily use. Of course, the cost of this lock is on the lower end, but it still performs well just like the high-end models.

Abus U Mini is 1.4 cm thick. And it has a 1mm hard rubber coating that provides a layer of protection for your bike’s frame and parts. It doesn’t have an additional cover beyond the coating. But it’s resilient enough to stand against elements like rain, moisture, and sunlight.

It can get rusty, but such an instance is rare. And in case it does, you can simply clean it up with an aerosol spray lubricant or a Teflon chain lube.

The lock area is small. And that’s a good thing because it makes it difficult for thieves to put tools in the clock area and easily cut it. Small also means it locks in position, so a crook can’t easily move it to a position where they can cut the locking part with ease.


  • Features a double bolting shackle that’s hard to cut
  • Flat and wide keys are easy to hold and use
  • It’s lightweight, weighing just 2.16 pounds
  • It’s so compact that it can even fit in your pants’ pocket


  • The package doesn’t include a frame mount
  • Not a good option for big bikes

4. Hiplok LITE Superbright Steel Chain Lock

Like Abus U Mini 40, Hiplok LITE Superbright is so lightweight and easy to bring with you wherever you go with your bike. It’s compact enough to fit into a backpack. And the contemporary design means you can wrap it on your waist and easily adjust it to fit. This wearable lock is easy to use. And it promises mid to high-level protection from bike theft.

This lock is made of steel, a material that is not only weather resistant but also too tough to cut. It features a nylon sheath that offer some resistant against elements. And the Velcro that passes through the back and buckle makes it easy to wear around the waist. This lock weighs just 2.6 pounds, such a lightweight option that’s easy to carry even on long hour rides.

Hiplok LITE is extremely tough. It’s able to withstand some of the most popular metal cutting tools, giving a robber a difficult time in their attempt to steal your bike.

To the eyes, the plastic part looks weak and breakable. In reality, though, it’s just as tough as the rest of the build. A hacksaw and bolt cutter won’t easily cut this lock. A thief will have to put in a lot of effort to get away with your bike.

Unfortunately, the lock can succumb to an angle grinder in not more than 25 seconds at least. To be on the safe side, it would be best to use this lock only if you live in area prone to less bike theft.


  • This lock is very easy to use
  • Very flexible and it can even lock up and oddly positioned bike 
  • Weight just 2.6 pounds


  • It’s really short, so it can only cover tire and part of the frame 

5. Kryptonite Keeper Chain & Light Bundle

There’s no doubt Kryptonite has built a name for itself over the last couple of years by designing the best bike locks for the cycling market. And their Keeper Chain is as laudable as the KryptoLok Series 2. The lock is short and strong, but it isn’t lightweight like Brute STD U-Lock and Abu Mini 40 Round Shackle Lock.

This 3.9 lbs chain is 7 mm thick and it has a length of 33 inches. Whether or not the lock is heavy is a matter of debate. But the bottom line is that this lock is denser that the options we’ve analyzed this far. Still, Kryptonite doesn’t want you to worry too much about the weight. Which is why they make the lock easy to attach on a bike’s seat post.

You get two well designed, ergonomic “I” keys to easily lock and unlock the Keeper Chain. The deadbolt, disc-style design enhances resistance against picks and drills and it provides an extra holding power than many bike locks in the same price range.

A more secure attachment of the chain to the hardened deadbolt lies in the patent, end link design. For protection from scratches, and to further enhance the reduction of critical vulnerability, Kryptonite adds a nylon sleeve on the Keeper Chain. 

While this chain is strong and durable, it won’t cut it in all situations. Secure Solid gives it a silver rating, which means that, for the most part, there is really a big compromise between cost and bike security.


  • Includes an anti-theft warranty all-around the year
  • Not easy to pick
  • Versatile, you can even use it to lock a scooter
  • The nylon coating enhances durability


  • Can’t lock more than one bike easily
  • It’s somewhat heavy

6. Kryptonite KryptoLok 12.7mm U-Lock

While KryptoLok is inexpensive and well designed, it won’t cut it in all situations. Like the Keeper Chain from the same brand, this u-lock can only provide medium security. And as such, you can only use it in areas where bike thefts are minimal – if not rare. Like the Keeper Chain, the KryptoLok features a disc-style design, which offers maximum resistance against drill and pick.

KryptoLok is 5 by 9 inches. And it’s 0.7 lbs less than the weight of Keeper Chain. It isn’t as lightweight as the KryptoLok Series 2. But we’re confident that 3.2 lbs isn’t too much weight to handle. In fact, the harmony between weight and dimension makes the lock lightweight, packable, and portable.

The performance of this u-lock is outstanding. To begin with, the steel shackle is 1.27 cm thick and strong enough resist bolt cutters and hand tools. The “pass-thru” design reinforces anti-rotation, making it difficult for crooks to steal your bike in just a single cut.

You get two hard-to-replicate, stainless steel keys, alongside a Key Safe program for 2 extra free keys in case you lose yours. Apart from keeping the keys from bending or breaking, the ergonomic enables you to lock and unlock KryptoLok without applying force.


  • The double-deadbolt design provides an enhanced u-lock holding power 
  • Can easily withstand the cutting force of hand tools, bolt cutters, as well as leverage attacks
  • The steel cable is long enough to fit either the front or back tire


  • The position for the key is less visible and a bit hard to reach

7. Seatylock Foldylock Compact Bike Lock

Foldylock borrows the same folding mechanism used to design the Seatylock saddle. It’s compact and lightweight, able to deliver reasonable security without adding too much weight to your bike.

You don’t want to depend on this for high-risk protection. But if you’re in a low or medium risk area or you’re a cyclist who only makes short stops, then this bike lock is, by all means, a good option for you.

Foldylock is seriously tough. It’s made of corrosion resistant, hardened steel embedded inside a tough, ultraviolent-resistant protective plastic. The six links connect to each other via rivets, and they easily fold down to a very small size.

This lock has a tough cylinder that can withstand easy cutting really well. It’s therefore less susceptible to drill and freeze attacks.

Foldylock measures 90 cm when fully extended and it easily folds down to 21.2 cm. As far as weight is concerned, this one weighs just 1.34 kg, so it’s somewhat lightweight.

As the name suggests, this bike lock is quite compact. This limits you to what you can wrap it around to lock the bike. You’ll tie your bike against a post in most cases. So this should work just fine. Sold Secure gives it a Silver rating, because it takes at least three minutes for a burglar to cut it loose and steal your bike.

While this lock can withstand drilling tools really well, its shackle is too thin to stand against angle grinders and croppers. It’s therefore a good option to use if you’re making only short stops.


  • The key is big, it won’t get lost
  • This lock is compact and  versatile


  • This u-lock is more expensive compared to D-locks with the same features and functionality

8. Abus Granit X-Plus 540 U Lock

Abus Granit X-Plus 540 is a tougher option and thicker than the competition. It’s not a cheap u-lock, but its performance is better than many low-end options. In fact, if you’re looking for a u-lock with the highest Solid Secure rating, this one is definitely an option to consider.

This u-lock is 9 inches long and 4.25 inches wide to give you plenty of options when it comes to locking your bike. Quite handy for low and medium anti-theft, this one weighs 3.2 pounds, just like the Keeper Chain.

In theory and in practice, it feels heavy. But for a standard size U bike lock, this is the lightweight option yet. The package includes a USH holder, which you can use to attach this lock on your bike.

This lock, all the supporting elements, and the case are made of hardened steel for toughness and durability. The double bolt shackle design earns this u-lock a security rating of 15/15 according to Abus. And Solid Secure confirms this rating by giving it a gold standard rate.

Abus Granit X-Plus 540 is the only u-lock we’ve come by that promises to resistant up to 17 tons of pulling force and more than 10 tons of cutting force. Again, the shackle has a double bolted construction. Which is to say that a crook would have to cut it twice to get away with your bike.


  • This lock is strong and secure
  • Made of hardened steel for durability and resistance against corrosion
  • Works well with frame brackets


  • This lock is quite heavy
  • It’s very expensive

9. AKM Security Bike Chain Lock

AKM Security Bike Chain Lock feels soft on hold. But it’s really solid and hardened. This is a good option for low, medium, and high protection because it’s not subject to cutting, shearing, breaking, or sawing.

We love how flexible this bike lock is, allowing to lock just about anything including an ATV, a bike, motorcycles, and even skateboards.

Made of hardened steel and featuring a non-toxic, rust-resistant PVC coating, AKM Security Chain is one of the best bike locks that money can buy. It’s highly resistant to breaking, sawing, cutting, and shearing thanks to the double hitch.

As if the u-lock design isn’t enough to give this product an edge, AMK goes even a step further to include a silver section around the keyhole to protect it from lock picking, dust, and rust. Add the nylon sleeve, which enhances resistance against scratching and what you get is a durable lock that can stand up to any element.


  • The 10mm link chain isn’t easy to break
  • Versatile, you can use it for motorcycle, bike, and even ATVs
  • Made of  high-quality, toxic-free PVC material


  • Parts disassemble in the event of a drop. And they take some time to put back in place

10. Titanker Bike Lock Cable

Titanker Bike Cable is one of the best locks ever made, a pick with a design of its kind. At the very least, it’s a keyless system that you can lock and unlock using a 4-dial passcode generated from 10,000 combination of passwords.

The cable is springy, so it easily coils down to a compact size when you take it off the bike.

This lock has a 2.56-inch mounting racket, which offers extended and unbeatable performance while easily standing up against possible breakage.

The non-toxic PVC coating on the lock protects your bike’s frame from chipping and rusting.


  • Because it’s versatile, you can use it to lock  more than just the bike
  • Has a cable length of 4 feet, which is long enough to easily lock your bike in place
  • The mounting bracket is handy for storage when riding


  • The mounting bracket of this lock isn’t compatible with some bike frames.

While there are many bike locks in the market, these are the top options. We recommend these locks because they are inexpensive, have a good locking mechanism, and they work well all the time. 

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