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Last Updated on July 5, 2021

You need not to worry about the safety of your bike when parked if you have the best bike lock. This bike accessory, together with a bike alarm act as the first line of defense when it comes to preventing theft of your precious bike.

With the rate of bike thefts increasing by the year, you need to choose one that fits your security needs from the store. There are numerous types of bike locks in the market. 

In this article, we’ll review the types you should know about and recommend a product for each type. With this information, you’ll be a step closer to seriously securing your bike.

Here are some of the bike locks from Seatylock to buy if you are considering getting a lock for your bike.

1) FOLDYLOCK Compact

Folding locks function by fully folding around the bike frames. They are convenient since they are easy to carry around, are lighter and secure a large variety of bikes.

The Foldylock Compact Black is one such folding bike lock. It is a compact lock with a circumference of 33.5 inches when opened up and reduces to 2.35 by 1.6 by 7.45 inches when closed. 

The lock is made using hardened steel links and protected rivets. These ensure that there’s a high level of security where no cutting or sawing is possible. Moreover, the other components making this bike security tool are drill resistant. 

Its metal components are protected from the weather elements by a plastic coating. It ensures that no rusting takes place that wear the parts out. This plastic coating is also UV protected.   

The bike lock links that go around the frames are also coated with plastic. This is to prevent your frame from getting scratches that damage the bicycle. 

This Foldylock Compact comes as a set. You can attach the lock on the bike when cycling without a hassle using a mounting case part of the package. There’s a rattle elimination mechanism in place that prevents its movement thus no noise when cycling.

2) Mason 140

The D-lock, also referred to as the U-lock, is the most common type that has been around for years. It’s shaped like a padlock, only that it’s larger and suitable for bikes. 

These locks feature a sturdy shackle with a removable cross bar. They loop around the frame and bike rail for protection. 

Depending on the quality of material, the D-lock is able to withstand interference by hammers, chisels and drills. Moreover, the spacing often limits the use of a crowbar and other tools that thieves may attempt to compromise the lock. 

When buying a D/U-lock, the two features to put into mind are the quality of the material and size. The design of the lock should be able to blend with the type of bike to eliminate the awkward loop when locking. 

A great option is the Mason 140 U-lock. It’s made using triangular crossbars that provide the ultimate strength and weight ratio. This ensures that the bike lock is not too heavy to use and transport.

It features a double deadbolt that offers a layer of protection against twist attacks. In addition, the components, including the cylinder are drill resistant. Trying to drill through them won’t compromise the security of the bicycle. 

Most noteworthy, the Mason 140 is protected from the elements. This is because the metal parts are made from rust-free materials. Moreover, they are also shielded by a UV protected plastic material. 

Another great feature is the cylinder shutter mechanism. It’s an automatic system that works to keep water and dust away from the lock cylinder. The lock system won’t get damaged or clogged by foreign materials. 

Just like the folding lock, the links of the Mason 140 are coated with plastic that ensures no scratches damage the frames. The lock comes with 3 sets of keys, you’ll have a spare for safe keeping. 

3) Viking Chain Lock 140

This consists of metal links that are hardened to make a chain. It is then locked around a bike with a padlock. Chain locks are normally heavy and work as a great visual deterrent. 

There are various options when it comes to the weight, size and strength. The most important aspect to look out for is the quality of the padlock. It may act as a source of vulnerability if its quality can be compromised. 

The advantage of a chain lock is that it can be used on all bikes without the worry of it having to fit. The downside is the weight, which may slow you down when on the road. 

The Viking Chain Lock 140 is a stylish lock with a secure gold certification. Its body is covered by a polymer casing to extend its use and protect the bike. This polymer sleeve is water resistant, protecting the metal sections from rusting. 

There’s a magnetic fixation mechanism that facilitates easy operation. This is because it allows for partial locking. The standard cylinder on this lock offers extra protection while offering smooth  operation.

Its automatic shutter mechanism works to keep dirt, dust and water away from the inner parts of the lock. 

4) Seatylock Comfort Classic Black

This is a special hybrid design of bike lock that makes use of the bike seat. The bike seat converts into a lock as it’s combined with a folding lock.

They are fast and easy to put on and off. Also, transport is straightforward as you only need to attach the saddle on the bike.

There are different designs to choose from. The Seatylock Comfort Classic is a great example of a seat lock. 

It measures 21 by 26 inches with a weight of 3.1lbs. When the folding lock combined with the seat is opened up, it has a length of 100 centimetres. This is adequate to lock the bike frame and wheel to prevent theft. 

The components of the lock are protected against the elements. The metal parts are rust free and are enclosed using a plastic cover that is protected from UV. The parts are also drilling resistant. 

Since the bike lock is integrated, it eliminates the need to get a bike saddle. The seat part of the lock is light, shock resistant and comfortable.  

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